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Christine Kelly is an Assistant Professor in Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She has a PhD in Canadian Studies from Carleton University and an MA in Disability Studies from the University of Manitoba. Informed by feminist and disability scholarship, Christine’s research explores politics of care and the evolving nature of Canadian disability movements.


The futures we imagine reveal the biases of the present.

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Disability Culture and Politics

Call for Book Proposals: Disability Culture and Politics

Dr. Kelly is co-editing a book series with Dr. Michael Orsini: Disability Culture and Politics. This series, published with UBC Press, seeks to highlight the rich diversity of disability scholarship. Please contact Dr. Kelly here for more information, or use the link below to learn more about the series.

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Direct Funded Home Care for Older People in Canada

A mixed-method study of directly-funded home care for older people in Canada, from the perspective of users and workers.

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Perennial Policy Issues in Directly-Funded Home Care in Canada

This qualitative study continues Dr. Kelly’s expertise in DF home care by exploring how the programs can be designed to enhance social and health outcomes for diverse home care clients, informal supports, andcare workers in Canadian contexts. We hone in on three perennial policy issues – that is, areas in which consensus has not been reached and further, that may present challenges to the equitable access to DF. We consider: i) the role of home care agencies in DF service delivery; ii) developing DF as a niche or mainstream program; and iii) adapting DF for rural contexts.

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